Klx 650r 1996 anybody know where to get big bore kits for these?

I am in need to get some info on big bore kits for my 1996 klx 650r. The engine is an (A) model, Kick start. Any info would be great. Thanks guys. JASON.

What company builds these and or sell them?

You might try the link below. As you may have found out by now the KLX650 is a bit of an orphan. I know the KLRs of that era have pretty thin sleeves in the cylinders and .5mm is max O/S recommended because of warpage going bigger. There is a 705 kit for KLRs sold by Schnitz Racing... dunno how close it is to the KLX. It requires replacing the sleeve. Good luck.


http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/KLX650/ Has info on using the 102mm piston out of the 1500cc kawasaki vulcan. If you have the plated cyl that the kickstart only model should have you will need to get a "C" (electric start) cyl. or robore/sleeve you cyl. since you can not bore the plating. If you do this please share the details as I am really thinking of going this route due to my 650R being dead at this time. I do have another cyl. off of a "C" model engine that I need to tear down so hopefully it will be the steel bore and I will have a head to use in my rebuild since I cracked my head when it got way hot due to a lack of coolant.

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