BBR Frame Cradle and Yoshi RS3 Exhaust

I have an 03 TTR 125LE last summer I got the Yoshi RS3 full exhaust of the bike put it on sounded great fit great loved it. For christmas I got the BBR frame cradle. Now in order to install the frame cradle I had to take the exhaust off because that exhaust dips and curves in the front where the stock exhaust does not.After installing the frame cradle i started put the exhaust back on and noticed it wasnt lining up with the mounts on the bike. I made sure the exhaust was tightened up on both ends and left the middle mount alone. Now when i ride i can hear the pipe and the frame cradle rubbing and rattling. It's not a problem but a little annoying. I was just wondering if anyone else had both of these products and ran into the same thing. If so did you just ride like that or was there anything you did to fix it?

I've got the old formed-tube frame cradle, and it did rub a bit, but mostly on the corner of a plate that does nothing. I filed the corner off. It's probably still rubbing slightly, but it bolts on, and I'm not going to worry about it.

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