650R/650L owner now joining the 450x group!

Hey all,

I have been a long-time member of Thumpertalk but exclusively participate in the big-bore forums (Honda XR650). After years of reading how many guys try to convert their big thumpers to bikes more like the 450x and trying to do the same to mine, I finally caved and bought a 2005 450x.

I am selling both of my 650's so it is a big step for me but I think it will be worth it to finally be on a bike that was designed this century!

It didn't hurt that I got a killer deal, too... I picked up a barely-used, mint-condition 2005 CRF450x with pro-tapers, handguards, Fastway pegs, Full FMF exhaust with powerbomb header and a 3.2 gallon IMS tank for $3200!! From the original owner with all receipts and records too. :lol::worthy:

Looking forward to participating here, and learning about the bike. I already know about the infamous valve issues and the small trans reservoir, but everything else I hear about this bike is that it is pretty amazing.

I am a really tall guy at 6'6" so the first thing I will probably do is get a Guts Tall Foam seat and some FMX or ATV/CR Hi-bend bars for it... next up will be license it for the street which in CO only means adding a rear brake switch for the taillight, some DUnlop D606's, a trailtech vapor, a mirror and a cheap Walmart horn. (I don't ride much on the street, but it is really convenient when getting from trail-to-trail in the high country here in Colorado or Moab).

I will post pics soon...

Welcome to the forum. And congrats on the new bike.

Welcome aboard. I too was a BRP owner and am very happy to be on an X. You'll love it! I'm also a tall guy 6'-9" and I have the guts tall seat, pro-taper fmx bend with Scotts underbar mount. Its awesome, never had a bike more comfortable. Make sure you get the sag set, that will help out with your height also.:lol:


I too had a BRP ® and it is now gone.

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