kx100 fly wheel ?

I just got an 06 kx100, it doesn't run, but i noticed a steahly flywheel sticker on the side so i took the cover off, i noticed this weigt is fricken huge! Can I just take this off and ride like that or is there a stock weight that I need to have?

Make sure what you think is the weight is not the actual flywheel, but yes, you can take the weight off and ride. The weight gets added to the stock flywheel. You may want a new stock flywheel nut.

Kx100man...have you pulled the weight yet? I may be looking for one depending on the size... 10oz.

I do believe the stock bolt is shorter than the Steahly one. I would get a bolt and gasket for the cover.

The Steahly weight includes a new flywheel nut.

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