left crankcase broken

Looking for advise on a broken crankcase fix. My chain broke and broke the upper casesaver bolt out of the case, breaking the case at that spot and a piece about 1/3 of the formed cylinder that the clutch lifter rod goes into. Does anybody have an idea of an inexpensive fix. Local bike shop wants 720.00 for labor only if I bring engine to them.

Well, I guess the case saver didn't save the case!

Losing the case saver isn't a big deal at this point. If there is a hole in the case just jb weld it.

As far as a piece missing from the clutch area - it depends on how bad it is. If the clutch won't work anymore then you will need to replace the cases. If it isn't structural then try to jb weld it too. If the clutch works and it doesn't leak oil then you should be ok. You can shape and hold jb weld were you need it by leaning the bike and by making dams out of wax paper. It can be filed, sanded, drilled etc. after it sets.

Pictures would help.

$750 is way too much, shop around. You could probably get a complete engine on ebay for that much.

I feel bad for you. Good luck.


I broke the lower case saver bolt where the bung met the case...10 hours on the bike and $1,500 later I had a new case, piston and valve adjust. Honda wouldn't help but the dealer kicked in some free labor and parts. Best of luck.

I broke my lower case saver bolt out of the case also. Jb welded it. No worries

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