02 spark arrestor

Does the 02 wr426 come with a spark arrestor? If not, does anyone have one for sale?

Yes, the 02 WR426 comes with a spark arrestor.

why is it not stamped USFA?

Originally posted by pgdirtman:

why is it not stamped USFA?

I don't have one in front of me, but I'm pretty sure it DOES have a USFS number stamped on the inside, err, outside. Stick yer head under the fender...

maybe it is a canadian bike or maybe it has a yz exhaust on it.

I have a USA model '02 wr426 I purchased new from a local dealer. I looked for the stamp too and I couldn't find it either. But, it obviously has a spark arrestor (you can see the screen when you look up the tail pipe after you uncork it). Mark

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I bought mine out of Canada and it definitely did not have a forestry approved. I had to shell out for the FMF Power Core 4 because we ride in the Rockies a lot...don't want a repeat performance of the summer fires. :) I think I paid $300 for it from White Bros and it was well worth it for the power boost. Not mention making Ranger Rick happy. Thump on!


There is not a stamp on the 02 and thats what the rangers look for. The 03' has USFA stamped on it. Of course, I removed the baffle on my 02' as soon as I got it. The bike ran like it was electric. I have done all the other mods also. I just need to be legal at the Hatfield/McCoys trails.

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