New guy/Moose Contour handguards

Hey DRZ’rs, new guy here. Been lurking for awhile . . . this site is awsome. I bought a 2003 DRZ400s last fall and I am hooked. She runs fricken awesome, but since this is my first bike in the last 20 years, what do I know. I may have got lucky…it only had a single owner, who happened to be a Suzuki mechanic. Still discovering the mods he had done as I learn more about the DRZ, and get into new areas… All that was mentioned when I bought it was that he had ‘ported out the valves’. Since then, I’ve found it has wider pegs, aluminum handle bar, 3x3 air box mod. I’m 6’5”, so I put on the Big DR risers (wow, what a difference), and unabiker rad guards (my buddy bounced it off an oak tree and bent up the fill side rad pretty good), and TT case guards.

Anyway, has anyone installed the moose contour handguards/deflectors? Just wondering if they go on slick, or if they’re a hassle…. I guess I’m asking this ? a little late, cuz I already bought them. Any feed back would be killer.

I have them on my bike. I didn't buy them but I have pulled them on and off a bit. my bars have a removable spreader and they do interfere a little, but i haven't messed with it enough to get it right. i think that might be what I do today. Did you get the deflectors?

I've got them on my bike. They went on without any issues other than cutting the balls of the levers. You can check them out in my garage if you're interested in seeing what they look like mounted on the bike.

Yup, I picked up the deflectors w/ the guards. Will I need to modify the stock levers (cut 'em down)?

Any other thoughts on the moose contour guards?


Must of just missed your reply 1999xr650lman...thanks for the input. I'll check out your garage eh!

Heh 1999xr650lman, I checked 'em out in your garage. Looks like you have a different deflector type. The ones I ordered are the contour deflectors.... What model are yours? thanks.

the levers on my bike have been cut.

I have the same deflectors as xr650

viking, did you order the oversize ones?

I have the 2009 moose contour handguards and contour deflectors. after looking at xr650's, my deflectors are definitely bigger than his....

So do you have the moose contour handguards or the non contour (older?) ones? Or are you using a different deflector on the contour handguards?

ah, i'm smellin what you're steppin in now.

yeah, i got the the same ones he has.

so did you get these:



No problem, thanks for the input eh.

Anyone else use or have thoughts on the moose contour handguards/protectors?

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