nor cal riding where to go when its wet.

A group of us want to riding this weekend and rain is in the forcast. Any one know of areas that hold up well when its wet. stonyford to cow mountain or sacto areas? what do you know about these areas in the rain.



Go check out the CA forums. I know a few people are looking at Mammoth Bar in Auburn.

There used to be a bunch of places open, but the last year or so, almost all of them are closed until late March or April from what I am told by the Ranger Offices..Its due to trail maintenance and so people dont rut out the trails.

Pi Pi Valley and Foresthill- Closed until March or April

Cow Mountain seems to close now when there is even a light rain...Call the local BLM and there is a recording on whether or not its open. I highly doubt it will be open this weekend.

One of the only places I know that was always open is Knoxville (BLM Land) by Lake Berryessa/Lake County... Decent riding and you used to at least be sure it was going to be open no matter how much rain.

Also, try Georgetown.

Stony ford is great in the rain. Also There is a few local trails that can be alot of fun. To bad they closed greenhorn acces that was a great place to ride.

I feel your pain buddy. My wife is having her baby shower on Saturday, so I thought I'd use it as a good time to get out of the house for a man-date with some buds and go riding. :lol:

We're looking at Stonyford or Carnegie, maybe Prairie City, but that's a last resort (I live nearby and go there all the time). If it rains 2", they close Stonyford until there's 48 hours of dry weather.

Dont go to Carnegie this weekend!! They are holding the Redneck Rooster Hare Scrambles Races Saturday and Sunday and I am almost positive they close the whole park.

Ukiah's BLM # for Cow Mountain's status when weather sucks is 707-468-4000. Use that # before you go, don't do what I did and drive 3 hours after 2 sunny days in the Tri Valley only to find Cow Mountain was damp, puddled and closed! Penny Pines is a good alternative, in Upper Lake.

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