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I damaged the frame on my '07 CRF250.....just to be sure...any 2004-2009 crf250 frame will fit right?

Thought it changed at 06. It may for but there is a difference between pre and post 06. I think.

I looked at the part numbers and every year has a different part number. It's a tough call without actually doing the swap. If I were you, I'd look for an 06 to 09 frame. My thinking is that they may have added a bracket or something like that which changes the part number. I know for sure the subframe is different from the 07 to the 04/05. Exhuast mounting for the duals.

I'd almost be willing to bet that they are the same. I've had them all apart, and I can't seem to think of any differences off the top of my head. They just might be the same. I'm 100% sure the engines will bolt right up on all the years.

Looking at an 05 frame....will the swing arm, linkages and front end bolt onto the '05 '07 subframe is still good...thanks for the help! I thought the '04-09 250F's are all 4th that would make them the same???

What's the damage?

I work at a welding/fabrication shop and aluminum welds can be very strong and reliable if you take the right precautions.

Some may think of this as a mickey mouse way of fixing something. But after seeing what kind of fabrications are possible, it wouldn't scare me to weld/straighten.

Just another option ya know? man my frame is not my '07 subframe is still good....think any '04-09 frame will work with the '07 suspension and front end?

i think you should be good with any frame. and when i was planning on putting a 2007 motor in a 2006 frame i called service honda. and they told me it could be done so i did. so i would give service honda a call. they know their stuff. and i can't help did you manage to mess up one of those frames?

2008 and 2009 there where slight changes with the fram with the adition of the hssd which also i belive moves cdi mounts around asthe 07 and older cdis mount center behind the front number plate, as for suspension it should all mount up with out modification, thaty havnt really changed the swing arm, but i belive in certain years they changed the rake it in the fram which i belive was in 06 n 07 and then in 08 they came out with the different offset clamps which work great.

Thanks for all the help gents...I went with an '06 frame. :lol:

Realizing that Honda went twin pipe in 06, has anyone else looked into the differences in frames between 04 and 07? I'm looking for a frame for an 06' and want to be sure I get the right one!!!

I do know that the sub frame bolts up differently on the 05 than 06. So they are for sure different those years.

Frames from 04-07 R's are interchangable, 08-09 slightly different due to steering stab. When Honda went to the twin pipes in 06 all changes to accomodate the pipes were made to the sub frame leaving the main frame unchanged. The mounts on the main frame for the sub frame are in the same location for all 04-09's.

another option if you ran accross one is the 250X frame is also interchangeable. You will have a bracket added for a kick stand but the motor and all other items bolt up the same.

I have an '04 CRF250X frame that I titled and converted for a CR500 motor.

I need a donor bike for everything but the frame.

Anyone know for sure what will work?

You can make any frame fro 04-09 work as others have stated before me, but dont forget about the resale of the bike when that time comes!! If I was a buyer I would have reservations about a frame swap..(what else did you do? would be my thoughts). If it were me I would try to get an equivalant or newer just for that reason!!

So any 250R or 250X donor will work?

I'm not worried about resale.

Anybody have a CRF250 with a blown motor? :ride:

I'm after the same thing with the CR 500 motor. I would like to keep the stock frame for the CRF250 for summer riding and then convert a second frame for a CR 500 motor for winter ice racing. I know there are some other things like the airbox that I would have to get two of, but I could have two bikes for different seasons with one set of running gear other than the frame.

I heard that the 2001 CR250 frame was a better donor for the 500 motor. I never did the swap, but that's what I heard from folks that have done it. I would think that it would be a lot less fabrication work, but I would also think that some of the upgrades on the newer 250F frame would be the reason why it would be desirable.

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