Electrical Upgrades - Buyer beware

The older Honda guys gave me some basics on stator winding. I've done a number of them, but I've got a question for riders making an electrical upgrade;

When Baja Designs, trail-tech or Ricky Stator make claims of 80-120 watts of power- does anyone question it?

They advertise a big number, but never tell you how many RPM's the little bikes have to turn to get there. No one driving a car or street bike has to sit at a dark intersection at night revving their engine to keep the headlight or heater going.

I saw one stator advertised for 120 watts on a 100cc bike that had five little poles to hold magnet wire. I thought that company was run by the government- total BS to get any power out of that thing on a usable basis. Electricity is still bound by some physics limitations. I mean in regard to using the same 18th century method of power generation with spinning magnets, to collect power in wire.

I did a 7 pole rewind on my KTM 450, using 20 ga wire with a total of 116 ft. The only trick I applied was to split and rejoin the coils forming a 3 and 4 pole 'parallel' wrap. It gets full power at idle for a total of 75 watts. There is no increase in brightness with added RPM's. Perfect for trail use. The battery tender charge time has been cut to an hour or less depending on how many starts and stops we take during the day. The stator may put out more. I would have to load it with more known wattage draw sources. As-is it's a true 75 watt draw system at 1700 RPM idle.

If you have to spend the money, call them and ask before you put it in the cart and spend money. I would use this board and ask some questions as well.

The claims go beyond misrepresentation to rip-off.

When Baja Designs, trail-tech or Ricky Stator make claims of 80-120 watts of power- does anyone question it?

Great question! Here's another:

When Baja Designs, Trail Tech, or Ricky Stator make claims of 80-120 watts of power from their stator, how many people properly load it to actually let it deliver 80-120 watts to the filaments or other electrical load?

Just to be clear - I don't consider running bulbs at double their rated voltage a proper load, although they'll surely be bright as hell for the rest of their short life.


how hard is it to re-wind your own stator, and how much know how does it take?

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