hot cams for 98' yz400f

im thinking about buying hot cams. is there any real power gains? and would i have to buy the 9.84mm hot cams shim kit as well?

The shim kit is a lot of money to pay to be able to be sure you can ride it the same day. The truth is that you may only need one or two shims, and if your local Yamaha dealer doesn't have them, your local Honda dealer is almost certain to. I wouldn't pay $90 for the kit under any circumstances unless I was running a service business.

As to the cams and power, it depends on which one(s) you use. Using a stage one exhaust only will get you auto decompression and a little wider smoother power curve with a little better low end and no loss on top. Adding the stage one intake will gain you a bit more power, but not really huge gains. Stage two stuff, or cams from Webcams, Crower, or elsewhere will be needed to go beyond that, but at that level, it starts to become necessary to start thinking of the engine as a complete system. Adding cams by themselves won't be as effective as adding them along with carb mods, port work, and exhaust to match.

is the exhaust cam the one closest to the front of the engine?

is the exhaust cam the one closest to the front of the engine?

Yes it is

were you serious about that question?

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