2003 YZ450 Tank On 2003 WR450

Has anyone put a gas tank from a 03-05 YZ450 on to a 03-05 WR450:bonk:

Do you have to change the seat? I have a IMS desert tank with the Yz shrouds so I am ok in that respect...

Well actually it will fit directly onto the 2005. On the 03/04 you will need a 05/06 WR seat or you can modify a YZ seat. The stock 03/04 seat will not fit.

if you are using an aftermarket YZ tank, there should be 2 seat lug holes in the back of the tank.I forget which way but one of the holes are for the YZ seat and the other is for the WR seat.I used an aftermarket YZ tank on my WR.It held the same amount of fuel but it was a translucent color so I could easily see my fuel level. I used the WR seat no problem. If you do use a YZ seat, you are going to have to modify it and its will be a cheesy set up.It will work but doesnt hold on to the frame rails as solidly

This was on an 04.

Dose anyone know where to get a 2005 WR450 seat....? Used or aftermarket

Got mine on Ebay.

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