Looking for a part number

i have a 06 crf 450r. my local honda is in the middle of moving to a new location and i need a part number to call to the next closest dealer. i snapped my kickstart off a few weeks ago right where it hits the footpeg. i'm looking for the number for just that aluminum piece, not the hole shot. can anyone help me out?

28300-MEN-850, its the whole thing, you can buy the bottom piece alone but not the top.

are you kidding? man i just bought the bottom piece new just before i broke this piece. the bottom piece broke on me first, replaced and never got one ride and then the top snapped.

you can order the kick start pedal from bike bandits .com i believe the # is3853293-001 $ 71.42 check the web sight i think that is pedal only

is your comp. release working correctly or do you have a bionic leg?

i think its mostly from rapidly kicking. and im pretty sure everythings working right.

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