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HMF pipe w/FMF jet kit installed 06KLX250s

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Good news is the jet kit went in easier than I thought it would.

p><p> A bit intimidating to pull so many hoses and wires off the bike to get to it but all said and done it was pretty easy. HMF

p><p>Pipe fits great but their is a tiny leak at the slot in the factory header pipe. Anyone know an easy fix for this? It


Argh. the freezing temps I can handle but Ice is ice is ice and there's not much I can do there.


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Forgot to list my jet settings.

FMF has different jet numbers from the Dyno kit listed on the HMF site so these might seem odd if your using thier site as a guide.

132 Main jet. I'm about 20 feet above sea level depending on the tide.

Stock pilot.

Needle clip 4th notch down from top.

2.5 turns out on idle jet.

Air box lid removed.

1/2" case vent tube with filter.

Smog tubing removed and capped.

Backfire screen intact.

Idle set at 1,400 RPM, no choke needed to start.

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