07 drz 400 sm

hi everyone, so i have a 07 sm with a full yosh, jetted that was done at a shop (i put the yosh on) but i did not do the 3x3 and was going to do that soon and again rejet the carb this time on my own. i see alot of info on jetting is why i'll try it on my own. thanks for all the post's guy's. i live in oc. california elevation is at 400ft. i'm thinking the jd jet kit with a 155main, 25pilot, clip 4. what do ya think? thanks again for all the help. stinky

160 main jet,blue needle,clip 4.

cool, thanks for the info. did'nt know what the blue clip was but with a little research i think i got it. so i got the jd kit and gonna do it this friday. if i don't get arnold bucks (i.o.u) for my state tax refund i'll be looking into race tech suspesion 15 min from my house.

so my research was opening the jet kit and there's the blue needle.

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