CLOSURE: Cold Hard Facts about a KlX330 vs. CRF 250X

Well friends I did it. After hearing so much speculation and hearsay I actually got the chance to race a 09 CRFX against my 09 klx330. You see since I got my klx in early December, I have been teaching a good friend of mine how to ride and such. He rides my bike a good deal of the time because I don't have space in my garage so i keep it in his shed. So whenever I am out riding he usually asks to take a few minutes on it. Now this guy has about as much dirt experience as me but no where near any street as he doesn't have his MC license or even a permit. So anyway he too has fallen in love with riding and asked me " what bike were you gonna get before you decided a dual-sport?" I said the crf250X. So he goes out and Buys one. This was last week. He just about finished the break-in today so I said "hey I know me and a lot of my online associates would love to find out if my newly big-bored machiene would beat yours or what. So at 11:30am on a nice thursday we decided to have a good old fashioned 1 mile street race ( just to end all claims of " the crf will catch up blah blah blah") so first race we were about equal off the line and for about 50 feet when i hit 3rd gear I started to pull away and when I hit the one mile mark I was about 15 feet to 20 feet ahead. So I though well (although I am by no means a GOOD rider I am better than my less experienced friend) since he can't ride as good as I can let's switch up just to see if the 90% rider theory held true. This time he won, but only by about 10 feet but I was power shifting and using a lot of race techniques that he does not even know about. I just wanted to let yall know bout this encounter should not be that surprising since the X ain't a race bike and the KLX DOES HAVE 80CC's on it but it still felt good to beat an all-dirt bike. Thanks for reading!

How was the CRF jetted?? These bikes should be the same in power. Now race him off road and when you find your teeth and spine you can meet him at the finish line. Love the KLX but it’s no CRF250X off-road.

The Crf was jetted as it came from the factory which I believe is pretty decently because it does not have to pass EPA standards or anything for road use. By the way, I took your advice and did try an off-road race. Me and the same guy did the same thing as before but we used our " make-shift" motocross track we built in a field by our houses this thing has some crappy whoops, small jumps and just all around garbage terrain. It's natually really challaging just because the land is rutted with small holes everywhere. This time it got interesting. When I rode MY klx against his crf I won by about 5 feet. Now when we switched bikes, I also won on his crf but by about 15 feet. Like I said this guy is a big time newbie to riding and has very little skill and not that I any master but I've been riding a lot longer than he has. So I do believe the theory that the big-bored, full muzzed,airboxed klx is more powerful but the CRFX is still a better all around off-road bike. I truly think the suspension is what really makes the crf stand out. While the KLX has a small to small-medium power advantage, the crf has better throttle response and worlds better suspension. Maybe when I upgrade my suspension it will be a different story.

But as for right now my bike is back in the shop getting a 5 angle valve job and 101 grind webcams. I am truly going for that fabled 30+ horsepower klx. Yeah I have spent a LOAD of money on the bike and yes , your right I could have just bought a KTM or HUSKY but working on the bike and watching it grow is what I love not just getting a beast from the factory. I like having a custom killer that can not just be bought but only CREATED. I think once i get my bike back and put new springs in there the crf will be beatable off road! and let me guess.... your probley saying " your trying to make the bike into somethign its not" well maybe I am. If I am well honestly thats ok with me My enjoyment comes from having a " sleeper " meaning it looks like a tame DS but under the skin its really going to be a 9000$ + ported and polished 330cc pumper carbed reshaped C chamber wheelie popping beast that takes off the starting line with the force of an unexpected involuntary bowel movement. The look on the crf250 owners faces is enough reward for me...... Thanks for reading!

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