how much 2 stroke oil to 5 lr


i have a rm 125 and was woundering how much 2 stroke oil to mix with 5 liters of petrol i have herd differently from alot of people ??

Don't know how much off the top off my head, but if you can get a hold of a Ratio Rite it makes mixing a whole lot easier.

Pretty typical is 32:1. that means 32 parts fuel to 1 part oil. 1 liter oil to 32 liters of fuel.

Many people run different mixtures, low revving woods riders often go 50:1 to avoid fouling the spark plug. Many top level Motocross guys find more horsepower from 16:1 mixture. I just go with what the owners manual says, hard to go wrong there.

That would be 5/32 of a liter of oil to 5 liters of fuel. Multiply the amount of fuel by .03125. You didn't go through the US public school system, you should be able to do the math.:lol:

I always mix 0,5L oil with 20l gas... really easy

Ok I donno for the imperial system i donno how many ounces are in a gallon ya da ya da ya da....

Metric is easy:

1000mL = 1L standard conversion

5L = 5000mL

assuming your running 32:1 gas : oil

5000 / 32 = 156.25ml of oil

just figure out how many mL of gas then divide by the 32 or 40 or whatever your mix is...

what works best go to the gas station and use the pumps measement in L pump X amount like 7.34L convert to mL (x 1000) 7340 then divide by the mixture 7340 / 32 = 229.4mL of oil

the same thing will work with imperial if you convert to like ounces then divide by the mix ratio

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