2002 WR426, Starting Secret Forgoten

Just got back from Borego Hot Springs and the riding was KICK BUTT, lotts of rain the days before and the desert was

prime riding. The problem was getting it started after stopping. It didn't seem to matter if it was hot or warm, the drill usually, if hot, is pull the hot start button, no throttle, and it fires right up. However, it didn't seem to want to start, no matter what I did. Did I just forget the secret? Possibly a senior moment? (Trying to start a WR 426 when it is being testy, will wear you out worse than a 20 mile open desert ride) Any ideas? Thanks, Jerry

2002 WR426

FMF power core 4


screw cut

runs great all ranges,just starting blows

Whats the plug look like?? 170 is a big jet.

Looks,great it's running just right not too lean

not to rich.

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