tense Cam chain

I know the DR-Z thread has been quite busy lately but i just need a little help or confirmation. I have just added a strocker kit on my bike and the cam chain seems to be very tense even without the cam chain tensioner. It is the ACCT but MCCT should be on the way soon. I thought it couldnt be more tense and that the ACCT would be useless but it does make it worse. can i ride with the cam chain like that? Normally or being careful? What can i do about it apart from the MCCT?

Any valuable input will be very much appreciated.

Thanks! Forgot to use search..:lol: guess coz im too sleepy. i apologise for the trouble.

he-he ,no trouble :lol:

do not ride it with the ACCT.the chain will be too tight.it cannot retract far enough.

Ok. I hope the MCCT comes soon! fed up of staying without the DR-Z..

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