Clearly I am missing somethign here....

Crower sells a sleeved cylinder, a piston, gasket kit and a cam for %1,499.00.

Is it me or is that price pretty far off from the rest of the market? An Athena kit and an 08 camshaft will cost $700 less for example and for $100 ove the Athena kit you get the ICECUBE.

Additionally the Athena and ICECUBE have larger cooling pasages and do not use sleeves since as I understand it from my 2 stroke days, a steele sleeve will inhibit heat transfer to the cooling system.

Does anybody have experience with the Crower kit? Is it worth $500-$700 more than a billit ICECUBE 276 jug or Athena kit with a new stock 08 cam for example? I am pretty sure I am missing something.


No its not worth it. You can not go wrong with the ICE CUBE parts. They are top of the line, and made in the USA. Better than the ATHENA IMO

Hmmm OK thanks. I was a bit suspici0ous. I am sure the Crower stuff is top shelf, i am noto attacking it, but that seems like a lot of money for comodity based stuff is all.

It's a crime what people sell products for **cough pro circuit engine parts cough**, totally inflated maybe this recession will bring them back to reality.

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