01YZ250f, bike starts fine, runs with choke pulled. Once I push the choke in, the idle speed drops and the bike stalls. If I hold the throttle up bit the bike will run, choke in, for a few seconds, then I hear a slight pop in the carb and it stalls. I have the main screw set at 1 3/4 turns to 2 turns(tried both) with no change. Its about 35 degrees today.

Perhaps a size or two bigger pilot jet?

Can the cold weather cause the pop and poor idle, if the carb is jetted for warmer weather?

some poping is normal on all four strokes. Yeah if its not jetted correctly for the season. I think you go down one on the clip to let more fuel in to make a bit more richer. colder weather youll need a more richer fuel mixture.

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