Plating a dirt bike in TN

Hey guys, new to the forum and it's a great resource. I've got a couple of questions though regarding my new found quest in attempting to plate my 2000 WR400F. I live in TN and have heard multiple stories as to how easy (or not) the titling and registration of the bike can go. My question though is assuming that i can get a title for it and can get past the MSO saying 'for offroad use only", what's next??

Do I have to get the bike inspected or once i get a title and have it registered do i just slap plates on it and ride away?

Thanks for all the help!

:lol::worthy::banghead: when u buy all the parts that u need to make it street legal ,make a copy of them. then go where u get your tags ,an they will give u a form to fill out but u need to sign it in front of then ,or have a notery rep watch u sign it .then the tag people will send it off along with your reciepts of your new parts .you then should get your title in the mail .

I think it depends on your county and how diligent the clerk is. One time I got a 30 day temp tag for a 3 hunny to ride a dual sport sight unseen. Might not be able to do that now though.

Sweeet and thanks fellas

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