00 WR400F...no brake pressure

I have a 2000 WR400F that's giving me front brake issues. I can bleed them all day long but I can't ever build any pressure. Not sure what my problem is because there definitely is not a leak anywhere so i'm not sure if this is caused by a bad seal or some number of other things.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

sounds like you have air in the line. did you make sure the reservoir did not empty when filling the line? if you had a leak in the system you would see fluid.

Yea i've still got fluid but i'm thinking I maybe still just have some air that i'm not getting out by bleeding them the regular way. I just read a post about removing the caliber from the front wheel and holding it above the master cylinder level and bleeding it like normal...so maybe that'll do the trick. We'll see though...thanks.

Did you ever get it figured out? I'm having the same problem with my '99.

use a vacuum pump that should solve the problem

The front brake line runs higher than the reservior which makes it have to bleed. The vacuum pump will help a lot. Another option is the remove the handlebars and raise the reservior above the brake line while bleeding.

If these steps don't work then you probably have a bad master cylinder, replace it.

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