YZ250f Dirt Road gearing

From those of you whom have done it:

How tall can I get away with on my 250f,

14/45? more? And what did you get, an unusable first?

Too tall to pull 5th?

Don't want to buy another motorcycle for one (long) adventure.

14 45 is pretty tall for a stock 250f . i have ran it and im pretty sure you could hit at lease 80mph at the rev limiter. i got some motor work you can see in my garage and it pulled it pretty good but left some to desire i usually run 14-50 and that probably good for around 70. what are you looking for do you like the closed transmission? sounds like you want a wide ratio transmission maybe a gear swap from a old steel frame wr250f would be up your alley

Look at my other thread (within a page) {CDR on YZ250f}. Thats what I want to do. Have the flexability for extended dirt roads 45-60mph, and drop in a 12 tooth counter if the trail demands it.

Thanks for response.

Put in a WR 4&5 gears

I can tell you that a 250f motor with a few mod's will pull over 90mph, so too tall of a 5th isn't the issue, I would think

but the extra high 1st might make you mad, as you punish your clutch to make a new lower 1st gear... LOL

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