Yo Bonez

Where in Va. do you ride? I live in Chesapeake Va. I am always looking for new places to ride.

greg, i/we usually ride at slades in surry or ...... well there really aren't many places left around here. we used to go to a place behind an elementary school on battlefield, kinda where batt. and the bypass meet up but had words with the owners grandson. we also used to ride at dam neck by corporate landing but well thats posted now. oh, and we used to ride by our storage unit at oceana near tarmac but had words with the departmant of defense police so thats gone too. i hear currituck is pretty fat but haven't been there yet, but as there are less and less places to ride i guess i'll have to suck it up and go. we really like trails but i can convert to mx too. we heard zuni sucked and there is another place near waverly/disputanta that is supposed to be alright too. too many rich kids at elizabeth city for us. where do you ride? same places? do you have a WR too? bonez


DRZ400E: Where's the power on this thing?

Bonez, I feel your pain! I am a member of Tidewater Dirt Riders so I do go to Zuni a lot. It is very tight single track trails with a small MX track. I also go to Slades but that place can get a little crazy with 4 Wheelers. Last weekend was my first time going to the track at currituck it is fun. They have three small tracks setup. I have gone to Dam Neck but it is a little small. My buddy just bought an old RV so we are planing some road trips. I know a guy who has access to a cabin that is right by Trails heaven that was nice, most the trails I was on are wide enough for 4-wheelers. That had me thinking of buying some land out there. It is dirt cheep. We should ride sometime. You can send me an email greg_corbett@bshsi.com By the way yes I ride a 2000 WR.

Later Greg

sounds like a plan!! my bike will still be down for a little while while i wait for parts to get in-jets, needles, brakes. just got the pro circuit t-4, and i can't wait to rip it up!!! this thing is baddd!!!!! :)


DRZ400E: Where's the power on this thing?

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