So what is the general concensus?

My buddy just got his WR450 a couple weeks ago. It is running lean, it idles kind of high, he has trouble starting at times. He has about 30 miles on his bike so far. He is going to take it to the dealer but would like some exact info to give them so he doesn't get the run around. I searched a bit but couldn't find exactly what he needs for jetting.

He is going to remove the baffle and the throttle stop. He trail rides in the mountains from 800ft to about 4500ft. What is the general concensus about jetting changes for his basically stock bike?

Is 47ft-lbs on the flywheel the woodruff key fix?

Anything else he should have the dealer do?

Big thanks!

WOW!! Tough crowd eh? :)

Wow...this is a tough crowd! My bro-in-law and I immediately rejetted before we rode our 450's. We're at 2700 feet. Here is where we were and where we're at now:


45 pilot

clip in middle position

150 main


48 pilot

clip one position LOWER than stock

155 main

I was actually at a 158 main initially but it felt sputtery on the top but feels great with the 155. My bro-in-law went back to the 150 main but his bike pops on decel from high rpms and will probably go with the 155. My bike starts easy and runs like a scalded dog! :)

Regarding the flywheel issue, I'm hoping that the re-torque of the flywheel nut is the fix. I have almost 100 miles on mine without any problems but I'll feel better about it once I have 1,000 miles on it. :D

Hey thanks!

I think you guys should start a "What is your jetting that works" thread and lock it at the top for a few months. Or convert to FI :)

I saw a few poeple using 160main. Anyway your 2700 feet is in the middle of his riding range so it should be closer than what he is running now. Thank you.

BTW what is the airbox lid and grey wire mods?

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