FrostBite 2009 race photos up

They should be available on our SmugMug account


I just dumped what I had in there. Some were blurry but the rate I work at it you wouldn't see pics until Fall. :lol:

covered the short course my little digi point and shoot. That went dead real quick, but I tried to get most of the first lappers at the top of the powerlines. I then found myself at the exit of the clear cut near check point 2 pulling bikes through a root/mud/hole.

For the long course I stayed around camp with my DigiSLR and played around a little and helped keep the rockcrawlers from parking on the race course. :worthy:

Some people have contacted me about posting pics they took of the race. I would have to ask you to PM Trav as I don't know the best way to do it. I am barely functioning with this digi stuff anyway. I am surprised when the pict actually show up after I load them. :banghead:



Nice Pics Kev:thumbsup:

I didn't even realize you were at the tower of power taking pix. You sure got to Tony's/Whitey's check real quick. Did you pass me on the trail :lol:

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