WR street leagle

My friend has a WR426F and he wants to make it street leagle how can he do that? i herd about something out of state that you can change the title over the net?

Your local department of motor Vehicles should have a list of what has to be done. I just finished converting my WR450 to steet leagle here in Arizona. It was a snap here. Good luck

wr450f 4600ft, where are you in Az and please tell me what you had to do to get legal. I'min prescott area and wanting to get street legal myslf

It will not be as easy for you as for us that don't have emissions testing like our little Sierra Vista, AZ.

hear is a list of what I had to do:

White Brothers brake light switch $15-20

Trail Tech computer (speedo,trip) $80

ACERBIS fold away mirrors $10ea

Horn w/Yamaha kill switch $5+15

Baja Designs Lic plate bracket $20

Round lic plate light (Wallmart) $5

Turn signals not Required if operating in hours of daylight.

Hey ThumperGod,

Not going to happen here in WA state if the bike does not already have a plate on it. I have a '98 WR400 that got a plate on it back in '98, and I have buddies who bought out of state bikes that already had a plate on them, but plating a used WA bike will not work.

Good luck....

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