any concerns with 08 yz450f?

I just bought a used 08 yz450f. The guy I bought it from said it had less than 20 hours on it. I was just wondering if any of you could let me know if there are any known problems I should be aware of with these bike. Like the engine makes alot of noises,is this normal,or should I be concerned? This is my first 4 stroke dirt bike so I'm obviously new to them,any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

What kind of noises,

can you reproduce the noise in words, just kidding.

It shouldn't be making any weird noises. Have you ever heard one running up close before?

nah there is no problems with the 08 that i know of, i have had my 08 for over a year now and havent had a single problem at all, i havent even had to adjust the valves yet, but they might need looking at. the ticking sound isnt bad, mine has done that from brand new and ran perfect. its just a four stroke thing

What kind of noises,

It shouldn't be making any weird noises. Have you ever heard one running up close before?

I can only guess that either you have never heard one run, or you've gotten so used to all the racket yours makes that you don't think anything of it any more. :lol:

Anyway, yes, the YZ450 is a noisy piece of machinery. PA's right, it shouldn't be making any weird noises, but it also does make some 43 odd normal noises, too, and it's way worse with a skid plate on it. Actually, the '08 is quieter than the '06/7 due to a revised primary gear set, but they're still noisy. Compare yours to a couple of others for reference.

Overall, the biggest problems with the '08 has been that the stock pipe puts a big dent in the mid range of the power curve, and that they are expensive.

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