long freeway ride on my wr

i rode 165miles round trip today on freeway.i started just outside San fransisco rode all the way to santa cruz had something too eat then turned around came home.i must say ride home was a b@tch. winds were gusting around 40mph on the coast.i was getting blown all over the place.bike ran good considering it was tacking prettygood for such a long period of time[15\49 gearing].my average speed was around 70mph most of ride and that was just to keep up with traffic[i think my optimun cruising speed is around 65mph at 70mph motor is working little to hard for that long of distance].all in all,it was pretty fun ride.only thing i didnt enjoy was heavy winds,having to listen to my exhaust all day and the worst part was mounting old set of tires before i started.i just put new set of hoops on bike 2 weeks ago didnt want to trash them riding pavement so mounted front and rear dunlops that have been sitting in my backyard for a couple years.

Sounds nice, you should have stopped in Half Moon Bay and had some sushi at main street sushi. It's the best I've ever had :) I''ve been worried about keeping my motor at that high of rpms for that long, good to hear it held up...

last time i stopped in halfmoon bay,my mountain bike was stolen out of back of my truck.luckily ,most of gutter monkeys from halfmoonbay[also include pescadero,montara,el grenada]"arent the brighest bulbs in the chandelier."the weekend following my bike getting stolen happened to be HB pumpkin festival.even though i figured nobody would be stupid enough to ride astolen bike around in public,especially only 3 days after they stole it and less than 2 blocks from where it was actually taken out of my truck.i decided to go look for bike anyways.guess what?i parked a couple blocks away from festival.on the walk over i was standing at crosswalk waiting for light to change when teenager pulls up on my mountainbike and ask me "if i got the time?"i hadnt even had time to put my car key in my pocket before i found my bike.this is where things get complicated.i grab the kid and my bike while my girlfriend go to look for cops.after cop finally shows up he starts giving me sh1t,asked me if i have receipt , serial # of bike or anyway to prove i owned bike.i told him why dont you ask kid where he got the bike.cop says"i dont need to i know my brother wouldnt steal your bike"at that point realizing i was pretty much screwed i asked him to get one of his superiors to come out,so we can solve the dispute.he says "ok,my seargent is down the street"then he tells the kid who stole bike[his brother]"hurry up! run down the steet and tell your uncle to come up here "a few minutes later here comes the uncle without the kid.i asked him where kid went he said"i sent him home to change clothes has little league game at 3:00"i argued with both cops for about 20mins. finally they told me that they would take bike to station and i could come by on monday to get it,just make sure i have proof of ownership.all in all it took me 3 more trips to HB police station before i got my bike back and last time i saw kid who stole bike was when he left to get second cop.

now i avoid stopping in halfmoon bay whenever it is possible
oh yah i almost forgot to mention i took 280 to 17 on my way there.i came back on highway 1.

I had my WR on the highway. You kinda feel like a

sheet off plywood in the wind eh?

Freestyle thats a real horror story.

My son's z 50 was stolen last summer. I find out

it was sold in the police auction this summer.

They never even called me when they found it.

HB cops are the WORST. Life would be hell without them, but why do they have to be such dicks?

Originally posted by Mitch R:

Sounds nice, you should have stopped in Half Moon Bay and had some sushi at main street sushi. It's the best I've ever had :)


You know they dont cook that stuff, right?


I lived in hmb for 9 years and never had any problems with the cops, but that sure is a ****ty story. I get pissd just reading about stuff like that. I can't believe you went to the pumpkin fest in the first place the traffic is horrible......

You know, one time I took some sushi home and cooke it up.......it tastes just like fish :)

mitch,let me guess your chief of police's cousin. :)

should have kicked the crap out of that kid and took your bike home. that place sucks. i live in pacific beach in san diego and bikes are always stolen. i hate little punk kids like that


Freestyle......Pleaze! I have a hard enough time dealing with my brother in law who was a marine let alone an uncle who is a cop. I don't deal well with authority figures, although in high school the kids with the best weed were always the sons of cops....Go Figure :) Sorry not related... :D:D

i actually played baseball at skyline college with a lot of halfmoon bay gutter monkeys.they were all pretty cool i still talk to a few of them.do you think it was just a coincidence half police force is related?i bet its probably because of all the years on inbreeding .everyone in that town is related. :) halfmoon bay is better than pacifica,a buddy of mine slept with pacifica chick a couple months ago and he gots pacifilitus.doctors told him the venerial disease originated in pacifica.he said"girls were getting everytime carnival came to town,its caused by threesome [sex between pacifica girl,carnival employee and a goat].i suggest you stay out of pacifica.

Freestyle, I grew up in Pathetica but moved away when I was 15, so I didn't deal with the cops or sleep with the girls. Nice to go back and visit but but I am pretty spoiled here in Reno. Pretty much can ride anywhere you cast your eye. I did have a run in with the HB cops though in my early 20's during a visit. Got pulled over for a bad tailight and two cops keept 3 of us on the side of the road for 45 minutes, threatining, yelling, and insulting all the while. After one of them feined stabbing my friend with a costume cavalry sword (Dull but pointy) that was in the trunk to demonstrate that it was, indeed, a weapon. At that pointl, thinking we were in worse trouble than any legal kind I told them to take us to jail or we were leaving. I had my friends get in the car and we left. I thought we would get in more trouble but they just smirked and watched us leave. It is a bad feeling when somone who has that kind of authority over you treats you like that. They are supposed to be the good guys. We seriously considered moltov coktailing the police station that night. We had the gas and a plan. I am sure glad we didn't do that.

Sorry about the rant, you just touched a nerve there. Just move to NV, I don't know if the cop's are any better but so far they aren't out in the desert! I miss the Bay Area and the ocean but I wouldn't go back...


its pretty funny that all the people who are familiar with halfmoon bay also have cop story to go all with it.Man!halfmoon bay cops are famous but for all the wrong reasons.As far as im concerned there still just gutter monkeys with guns.

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