***Attention Utah Riders***_____ Moab


Just made motel reservations in Moab. We're riding the 20th-22nd. Wednesday and Sunday are travel days for me (10.5 hours from Moab.)

That's the same weekend as the Wendover 200 desert race.

Do they check for registration stickers in Moab? I have a spark arrestor but no ohv sticker. I just bought the bike!

In Utah by law you need the OHV stickers in most places. They are pretty leanient about it, but if you get caught, you may get tagged................db :)

Maybe I can meet you guys at the Kainsville mx track on Friday then. It's not too far out of the way for me. Let me know how to get there.

Like I said before, I'm going to stay over and ride mtb monday-wednesday of the next week if anyone's interested. I may just be camping(haven't decided yet). Anyone have any recommendations.

TTT :)


You guys do know that the second weekend (12-13) is jeep week? We were there last year and they are a pain in the ass. Trails are clogged behind 100+ train of drunk jeepers sitting still for hours waiting to get up one obstacle. I jeep in Colorado to get from A to B. Can't imagine how the jeepers can have fun. Then again, I remember when I was 18 and sitting loaded in the hot desert in a jeep was a blast.

We are going this weekend to beat the jeeps.

Blackie and others,

I'm now OUT for any riding in April. Just put our house in Denver under contract and am moving to the Minneapolis area (closer to my wife's family). Got moving crap to take care of between now and the end of April...then on to MN.

Still planning on getting out to Moab on Memorial Day weekend with Dougie and others, so perhaps I'll hook up with you guys then...

Have fun if you still make it out there this weekend or the next...


:D :D :)

Last call boys and girls!! :)

My plans have changed! I may be going to Moab this weekend. I need to leave late Friday night and would only be availble to ride on Saturday. Where is everyone staying? We have a camper so we will try to find a spot somewhere. I'd love to hook up or else I'll just be riding alone :)

My cell number is 801 580 5704


Phil!!!! Where have you been?! Yes, call us when you arrive in Moab. We'll hook up for sure..............db

801-330-7886 Danny :)

I've been trying to finsih up a master's degree! Friday is my next to last class and I leave Monday morning at 4 AM for Japan for 2 weeks. I think I can squeeze in a trip to Moab!

Actually the plans have become more tentative now that I am looking at the big list of things that need to get done this weekend. I'll call Saturday morning. How early is too early?


We will not be going on Memorial weekend. We will just be getting back from Jackson Hole and will be working.

We will be leaving tomorrow bright and early for three days of riding in Moab. Will post pics and video when we get the chance.



Call me anytime. My cell phone is always on. See you there!..............db

Hey guys, I was just out there two weeks ago, and turns out I'll be out that way once again this weekend. Is the jeep jamboree really this weekend, or next??? Guess it doesn't matter too much, I'm actually going to be a ways north, 10 mile wash area and White Sands. You guys have a blast, if it's jeepers weekend watch out, LOT'S of vehicles all over the place.


Dodger :):D

Jeep safari is next weekend (Easter). This weekend should be GREAT!! Call us if you want to hook up.................db

801-330-7886 Danny Ride Safe!! :)

Got back from Moab yesterday. The riding was GREAT!!!!! Sorry no one else could make it...............db :)

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