Just Saying Thanks...

Hey guys, this is the first time I am posting and just wanted to say thanks! After lurking in the shadows of the forum for quite some time, I need to pay homage to all that helped me without even knowing it. I recently finished most of the upgrades on my “new to me" 99 wr; mainly: hotcams, fuel screw, jd jet kit, total carb cleaning and some other stuff.

Before I did all this, the bike barely ran and literally took about a half hour to get fired up; not anymore! Just put everything back together last night and it fired second kick and every kick after that.

I have not wrenched on a bike for over 10 years and that was on 2-strokes. I was fairly intimidated about working on a four stroke but with all the info on this site it was surprisingly easy. And go figure, a bike that has been sitting for who knows how long would be hard to start…

So in the end THANK YOU VERY MUCH fellow riders and wrenchers!!!

I think a lot of us have had an experience like that. A couple years ago I got into the sport and bought a ttr250 that wouldn't start. Took it to the dealer, they took 2 months to re-jet it and clean the carb.:lol: Then they proceed to rape me with the amount of $140. The bike still didn't run that great after I picked it up from them. During the 2 months they had the bike, I found thumpertalk, read a bunch of posts under the ttr forum and learned the basics. The day I took the bike home from the shop, I wrenched on it and fixed it in 30 minutes. From that point forward I've never taken any of my bikes to a shop, and probably never will. I started not knowing anything about bikes in 2006, and now thanks to TT I've modded the crap out of my WR.

Gotta love the internet - welcome fellow 4hunny owner!

I gotten a ton of good advise here too! (and hopefully given some). Great forum site!!

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