WR450 Skid plate

I am trying to find a carbon fiber skid plate and the only one I found is the E-Line.I like the flares on each side to protect the h2o pump & ignition cover.If anybody has one,can you leave the stock aluminum h2o guard and ignition guard on and then bolt on the E-Line or is that just overkill & stupid? If there is one better,I would like to hear about it.Yamaha has the GYTR,but it's a glide plate w/seperate guards on each side and leaves the frame exposed.

I have an Eline CF skid plate on my '03 250F and it fits great. The stock guards must be removed, which is no big deal as the skid plate protects those areas.

I used a wr 426 devol alu one, it only has the ignition cover, you have to relocat two holes the right one on the middle an the back one near the rear tire

what's wrong with stock wr450 guards ???

I just put an E-line on my 450 and you have to remove all stock guards. The coverage and fit are good. Much better than previous E-line guards I have used on Yamaha and other brand bikes. Installation is a little tricky but you get the hang of it pretty quick.

Bottom line it was worth every penny in my oppion. For those that ask why the stock guards are not good enough, I feel they do a good job but allow to much mud to collect on the bike and do nothing for the lower frame rails.

I put the ELine CF on my YZ450 and really like it. I weighed the plate and the stock stuff that had to be removed: Skid weighs 2.0lbs, stock stuff removed weight 0.8lb.

If you get the eline, install is a little tricky with the spacers. I took black electrical tape and taped the spacers in position, placed holes for the bolts in the tape, and put the plate right on.

The only hassle is you have to remove the plate to change the oil. That also means you have to do the spacer thing all over.

why dont you weld the spacers on permanentely ??

BEAN329,They don't protect the frame underneath.I want to cover the frame so when going over fallen trees,It won't take paint off.

03 WR450F-Picked up 2/3/03 and it keeps snowing & snowing &snowing :).

Welding the spacers would be ideal. I have very little experience welding, so I may be wrong but....

I didn't think you can weld dissimilar metals, ie, aluminum spacers to chromo frame?

To weld, wouldn't I have to remove the entire engine to protect it from the heat generated from the torch? (PITA)

The tape works pretty well for a simple fix.

They are fine but I use the aftmk one for two main reasons: protect the chasis and ignition covers from rocks . I ride mostly on rocks and hard pack terrain.

2.- When resell it looks better.

I have the Devol one and it is OK, but the guage of aluminum is too thin in my opinion. I already bent it on my first ride. Do the Carbon Fiber ones hold up well? I would think they would crack if you hit a big rock.


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