Fork Leg Compatability

I have an 07 YZ450F that I use for desert racing. I recently dinged the lower left fork leg such that it's gouged through the chrome and is creating the obvious leaking seal issues. I love riding on the rocky goat trails and I guess this is the price I pay. A new leg is 300 bucks (ouch). I have read all the posts on how to "repair" the leg with jb weld and sandpaper but I really just want to do it right.

Before I pop for the new part I thought I should at least look on ebay- might be able to buy an entire fork set for less than the OEM part. Since there are quite a bit of YZ parts out there does anyone know which parts will fit my 07 450F forks? For example will an 07 YZ 250F fork be the same parts? 06? You know what I mean.

Any advice is appreciated.


I dinged the left side

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