DP clutch problems

I have an 08 yz 450 and the clutch was starting to slip so I decided to give the dp clutch kit a try. But I ran into a snag when I went to install it. Stock the bike had 8 fibers and the dp kit came with 9. I didn't think much of it at first but when I installed all 9 they all would not fit so I put 8 in and then i could not get the clutch do disengage. Evin with the adjusters all the way out. The only way that I could get the clutch to work is to stack 2 steel plates together and use 7 fibers. I checked the part # twice and it is supposed to be the right one for the bike I am just wondering if anyone else experienced this before or if maybe it was packaged wrong. I have installed many clutches and never ran into this problem before.

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