Airbox Modding-Please look

I am going to modify my airbox soon. Quick question. I am thinking of doing something along these lines Even if I keep the stock battery, i'm still thinking of opening up the Binocular area in the rear as in the above link for sure, and I may go with the smaller battery...anyway, here is my question. If I did the mod in the link, whether fully or partially, could I ALSO cut out the side of the airbox where the template is or would air from the side and the top like that make some sort of problem. I think cutting the side and the bino area would help it flow alot better, and the battery tray area would be bonus. Please give me your thoughts and opinons.


Once the snoirkle is removed, there is a square plate of plastic that comes out. You will have plenty of opening then, no need to "chop the box".

I'd have to agree. The little bit of power it would gain you by cutting it out (if any) woulnd't be worth the extra dirt and water that will go in through the hole.


Ok, I removed the snorkel just now. I didn't know that the binocular area I was talking about was the snorkel lol, but yah taking that out opened up some good airspace. On the right side of the bike there is the cut out templates from the factory. Since this bike isn't going to be an offroad demon, and won't be doing any stream/water crossings, I'm thinking this will help...and its been done many times by others with good success so i'm told....


Its worth the power gain. Rip that snorkel out. Have fun doing it. I did. Reroute the vent tube from the valve cover also. Route into the air box and put a filter on the end of it. Any horse power gain is horse power that can be used.. IMO.

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