08 WR450 exhaust help..

i have an 08 WR450 with a stock exhaust and i want to get something better. i was looking at either a full system fmf 4.1 or an akro. my question is if anyone knows if i can only get an exhaust for a "WR" or if a same year "YZ" exhaust will fit. there are alot of different exhaust to choose from for the yz. also i have been told that i could just put on a yz head pipe and then just install a slip on for a yz. has anyone done this. thanks for the help...:lol:

I know the 2007 YZ full stsyem will work. The YZ slip ons will not due to the fact that the WR head pipe is smaller than the YZ

i have 08 wr450f bought a used 07 yz450f stock exhaust fit with no problem

i have 08 wr450f bought a used 07 yz450f stock exhaust fit with no problem

did you notice any difference after you installed the yz exhaust? how's the sound? :p did you have to change your jetting as well?

the system has had a pro-moto end cap installed so a spark arrester can be installed.i run it without the arrester most times,sounds great,noticable performance increase over stock wr.i instlled jd jet kit.

Some aftermarket brands only stock pipes for YZ, but some have sleeves, like the FMF4.1 to adapt to the WR header. Mounting is the same from 06YZ/07WR onwards, as they've got the same frame (someone correct me if I'm wrong), so it's just the header pipe diameter that you have to worry about.

I have 07 wr and I got a 08yz header and muffler with a promoto billet spark arrester it runs great and sound good and if you decide to upgrade later you have the larger header it also got my exhaust away from my blinkers i got mine on ebay for 125 for both

cool. i think i'm going to try and score a used yz exhaust and header cause that should be alot cheaper then getting a full system akro. i have a jd jetting kit installed right now so i'm hoping i should be close with my jets. honestly my main concern is that my bike will be noticeably louder like a mean sounding thumper. performance is a plus because i think the bike already has plenty of wheelie power.

it sound a bit louder when your on the bike but the people i ride with say that much louder when i get on it so i have had to take it easy in town but it has been a fantastic addition to my bike and i did change my main jet and my pilot, hope to have it dynoed to get my jetting perfect also they made the header biger in 08 it is the same size as the exhaust port now in 07 was necked down and then got biger at the muffler hope that helps

cool. that helps me out a bunch. thanks alot. now comes the fun part of trying to find a used 08 setup.

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