Softer Seat

Who sells a softer seat for my 2008 YZ450F. My but is killing me riding it on the street for an hour. The stock seat is like concrete.

Take your seat to an upholstrey shop and have them replace the stock foam with memory foam. I did this to my wifes seat and its really really soft. I think they charged me $70 or so.....which is cheaper than a new seat.

moose,endr.eng.,i know there's alot more,go to moto sport and check em out.i run a soft and it saves my bhind.:lol:

Some of the tall seats are available in soft versions, but the suggestion to work with an upholsterer may be the best approach.

Something you might get a chuckle out of is that if you google "YZ", one of the things that comes up is that there is an economy class of train fare in China known as "YZ". It means "hard seats". :lol:

All of my aftermarket seats have been harder and more comfortable. Sounds weird but I can't argue the results. I did several 700 mile days on a Corbin seat last summer, that would have been impossible to do on the stock seat. Put a Guts seat on my trail bike and it is way harder and I can ride that thing forever before my butt starts hurting.

Thanks for the input

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