hey guys, i would like to start a new project bike for summer and i was thinking about getting 2004 kx250 and putting either kx450 forks and shock or yz250/f or yz450 forks and shock on. my question is would this be an easy swap and how much would i have to change the valving. also would i be able use the stock triple clamps or would i have to use the 2005 kx250 clamps?

the only data I have is a 2004 YZ450 has a 56mm upper triple clamp. also a 2005 - 2008 KX250 has a 56mm tripple clamp, while a 2007 KX450F has a smaller (I think 54mm) upper triple clamp.

could i put a set of 06-09 yz forks on there with a set of 2005 kx250 clamps?

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