considering 450 xc-f

I grew up on dirt bikes but was out of the hobye for a a couple years, last season my brother picked up a used '84 IT 490 that was in great shape and it became my bike, i love the crazy power on that thing, but it lacks in every other respect, i rode a 07 crf250x towards the end of last season and the suspension and brakes were great but it was lacking badly in the power department from what im used to.

So i decided i need to buy a new bike for this season, i am heavily considering the a 09' 450 xc-f, im a lean guy, at just under 6 foot and about 155 lbs, but i can handle heavy bikes pretty well, most of the riding i do is rocky mountain fire roads and single track stuff. any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I haven't ridden the DOHC 450 XC-F, but from what I have read about it, it does not make a very good trail bike, i.e. 'peaky' engine, stiff suspension, etc. The SOHC 450 (or 530) XCF-W on the other hand is a superb trail bike with an easier to use engine, more supple suspension, plus the added advantage of a wide ratio 6 speed tranny.

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