I'm looking for a hydration backpack that will be big enought to hold my camcorder also. Right now I have a waist pouch but it's too much of a pain to use for the camcorder and bounces a good bit. I'm looking at the Camelbak Rim Runner, anyone using this? How big is it?


hey you can buy a camelback. they are pretty big

ok it was a joke. lol. Just wanted to ruffle a few feathers. LOL. I be t it worked.

I run with a backpack from DaKine. It's actually a pack for back country snowboarding, but lends itself well to motoing. It holds a 100oz. bladder, and is big enought to store extra items for the trail, including your tool kit and camcorder. You can check them out if you like.......... a=Tech-Lite%20Series

BTW, I use the HeliPack, not to big, not to small!


Dodger :):D

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i don't know of any hydration backpacks, but i just thought i'd tell you what i do. I just bring a regular old jansport back pack, right over my chest protector with the straps tight and a bungee across the straps to keep it in place. then i throw in a 2 liter soda bottle with water in it and whatever else i might need. this holds plenty of water and has much more storage space than any camelback or other kind. It also forces you to stop and rest when you need water, something people don't like to do. I find it's good because that 5-10 minute water break gives you a chance refresh your senses, preventing some crashes possibly by keeping you well rested and alert.

RonO, I'm not sure the length of rides you go on but the Rim Runner only holds 70oz. of water. I use a 100oz. bladder in another style of pack and I suck that dry nearly every time I ride. Depending on the size of your camcorder you may look at the Hawg, Blowfish or the Peak Bagger. My brother uses the MSR Single Trak Pak for long Mexico rides, but I think it is a little to big. Eric

I use the Moose XCR backpack it has a pouch that will hold a 70oz water bladder, however you must purchase the bladder separate.

The backpack is well made with a pouch on each side, one pouch on the front and a small pouch on each side of the waist belt. There is a sternum strap and the shoulder straps are well padded.

I can fit a compact camcorder bag with camera in the botton plus water bladder and still have room left over for a jacket in the top and tools in the other pouches.

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