XL100S - Have a few questions

Hey guys and gals,

I just picked up a great condition 1983 XL100S and I need a few questions answered.

First off, how much oil and what type of oil should I put in it. It only has 1600 original miles. I noticed a very faint "tick" coming from the motor but it runs great right now. Also, how much oil does it hold?

Also, the dork who owned it before me, cut the baffle off the end of the muffler so it sounds obnoxious. I have the piece he cut off and I'm wondering if it would be cheaper to have it welded on, or find something I could fit into the end of the pipe to quiet the sucker down a little.

Anyone know where I can find a basic maintenance manual online?

The oil amount is on the engine case it will be in cc or ml a little over a quart . It probably needs the valves adjusted .002" in .002" ex . A good 10w40 should be fine .

check the timing chain also. Its just over a quart on the oil. I welded a baffle in mine and it was allright so yours may work also.

Not to sound rude, but what exactly is "just over" a quart? A splash? A 1/10th a quart?

Like a quart and a splash. I think if you put in a quart and check it you will see.

Thanks for the help.

I changed the black ass oil and she's purring now. :p Still having a problem with the cut exhaust.

Do they even make aftermarket exhausts I can bolt onto this thing?

Anyone know where I can find a basic maintenance manual online?

Right HERE

I think someone DOES make an aftermarket exhaust that'll fit. I don't think the engine has changed at all in all those years. Nor hardly even the frame, even from the street-legal version that you own.

And there's DEFINITELY a whole hot-rod culture dedicated to the 100cc Honda - XR, CR-F, etc. Go do some surfing in that sub-forum here on Thumpertalk, and you'll come away drooling at all the things that can be done to them.

Have fun!


Take out the baffle and have the two parts welded together.

Cheaper than getting any aftermarket part.

Cobra or Super-Trapp is what you will find and those will probably be $50 to 100.

Or look for the baffle on eBay.

You can buy a xr75 style DG repro downpipe from xrminiracer and then modify it to fit your bike like I did. They run about 225 but are loud and not forestry approved but I like em. You can also buy a 73-76 xr75 supertrapp style downpipe from powroll but then again you will have to modify it. Down pipes look the best on these old bikes in my opinion.

If you look at my garage...

I have a 1973 XL100, basically an SL100 with the new XL name.

It has a down pipe like the old SL100's.

Also, I have a 1979 XR80. The stock down pipe was had a spark arrrestor welded on the end. It actually looks pretty nice and it quiet. It's an old Kirtz (sp?) spark arrestor.

Finding a spark arrestor from another bike that fits on another bike is hit or miss. I have a spark arrestor from a "Jr quad". No, it won't fit my TL125. Maybe I could fit it on my GMC Suburban. It's that big.

Well, I have the original baffle end of the pipe and the full exhaust. My girlfriend works at a trade school and they have a welding class there. The instructor will be welding it for me today!! :p:ride:

Here's a pic of the old lady. Not bad shape for $750!!


Wow, that's really nice looking.

I have an '83 that I resurrected about 18 years ago. Then, it got thrashed again by friends and family, and now it's forming the basis for my mini-cafe racer project.

Good luck with yours.


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