header wrap or ceramic coat?

Tired of the hot leg in the in the hot weather which would work best wraping or ceramic coating. just looking for what anyone sugests that would work better?

The wrap will keep your leg cooler, but the ceramic coat will prevent corrosion and probably last longer.

The wrap will keep your leg cooler, but the ceramic coat will prevent corrosion and probably last longer.

thanks for the replie

I have a S/S Moriwaki that turned brownish when I went to Pismo (sand dune riding at the ocean) and always burnt my pants on the header so, I thought I would have it ceramic coated. Jet hot coated it and I had it done in black. No more burnt pants and after three years it still looks like I just had it done.





Their is a guy who does powder coating and stuff in a town near me I talked to him he said it would coast around 50-100 $ to do it. I will probably go that rout when I got it took of my bike. Thanks for everyones time.

Does anyone know if the Staintune's come with a coating.The heat comin' off've 'em doesn't seem as hot as the stockers.

That's amazing longevity Bruce.

I looked at the sales slip and it has been just over two years actualy. I had it done in June 2006. I have tried to do ceramic coating myself and it doesn't work. Lasts as long as high heat paint.....I think that is about four minutes:banghead: But, whatever Jet Hot does is amazing http://www.jet-hot.com/ I don't think I would spend the money again but, I was in the mood at that time. (I think I had just polished the header for the fifth time) Well, in the end it was one place where the advertizement was true. I am a very sceptic and think most advertizement is hype at best. Being expensive as it is it works. Ironman sprockets, Staintune, Moriawaki, Scott's steering damper are a few other things that do what others don't and do it right.

....do/did "they" ceramic coat both the outside AND the inside of the header?

the fact that it's a SS header VS mild steel probably has a lot to do with the longevity :worthy:


Yes, they did both the inside and outside. At the time I got it back I was thinking I should have had it done in the silver to look more like the S/S that it was. I thought I made a mistake and the black would look bad over time. I am glad I did it in black at this time. :p

Had some say it was to much black on the bike when I fist had it done but, no one that rides my bike seams to think it slows it down any:smirk:


Which coating did you get? How much was it?

I see Jet hot 2000 in black that goes to 2450. Color coatings: Dull black to 1300 and semi-gloss back to 1100.

Extreme sterling is touted as being a more effected insulator at 1300 temps (where it is likely to be used) and is rated to 1700.

It can get pretty confusing and not many have done it.

Swain Tech coatings only does the outside and they want $40/foot. They say theirs is "real" ceramic and the melting point far exceeds the metal --3000. They call the others high temp paint. And you can buy BBQ to 1500, so maybe there is something to it.

However, you have a great looking pipe for two years of use.


I just got my header back from SwainTechCoatings. It is a thick and heavy duty looking job. I painted with BBQ black as they recommended. Using the heat gun, the temperature readings at the footrest are about 500 degrees. It was about 300 before the coating. This sounds like the coating made the pipe hotter. However, the pipe feels cool now. I can barely feel the heat when I hold my hand a inch away.

My idea with the coating was to keep heat from the pipe from radiating back into the head and that appears to work.

I have VHT Flame proof on my stock header in Black. It says it is good for 1300 to 2000 deg F. I have noticed that on the pipe clamps near the head that they are starting to burn off but the pipe paint seems to be holding up. I have only taken it around the block and to work once. I did bake it on in the oven then I installed the pipe and let them warm up in the garage until they started to smoke. Then I shut it off and let them cool like 3 or 4 times. I know you have to do this or it will burn right off. I think it has ceramic coating on the label somewhere too. I have about 5 or 6 hours on the paint and it still looks great!!


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