New to KTM 2 smoke

Hi. I have been riding for many years now, and just bought a 2002 EXC250. Love the way it goes 3nb3k13o7ZZZZZZZZZ92b35d1ce4591c019.jpg First KTM. I have always wanted one.

02 is a good year for the susp, doesnt need any work except springs for your weight.

I do notice it doesn't turn as sharp as I would like on tight trails. Is this a normal characteristic, or is something not set correctly? Can anyone tell me what other years, and models are parts interchangeable

On the side of the frame close to the steering stem, there should be some bolts that you can turn in to make it turn a little sharper. Congrats on the bike. I have an '02 KTM 300EXC. Great bike.

Little Jeff

you can upgrade to the 04-05 one piece rear fender n such by switching subframe, seat, tank, airbox, etc. Bolts right on.

Coming from a honda, those older framed KTMs don't turn as well, just a sterring geometry thing.

push your forks up a little in the triple clamp and it will have a better turning angle, but re adjust the sag for sure as ktms are very sensitive to the sag setting.


I appreciate the great advice. I plan on re-locating the cdi box so I can make it turn in a little sharper. I will experiment with fork height till it does a little better. Everyone thanks a lot. :p

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