need a right radiator for a 06

so i crashed and broke my radiator last week and need another. does anyone have an extra that they would want to sell the dealer wants 275 for a new one and i dont want to spend that much.

I have one for an 05, I think they're the same.

Sending PM now..

05s are not the same. They will work, but the lower shroud mount is off by like 1/2" from the 05 vs 06-08 bikes.

I just did the same thing except left side. Ebay has brand new OEM for $ 142. plus $ 12 for shipping. I'm also getting WC rad braces

Where did it crack at? I broke mine where the top fitting goes into the radiator. It's a very common to break around those fittings because they are only pressure fittings. They are just punched in there and very weak. If you notice, all the pros have solid welds around these fittings for maximum strength.

I took mine to a radiator shop and for 30 bucks they welded it up, pressure tested it, and now it's even stronger than new. :lol:

Whether you fix the old one or buy a new one, find a different Honda dealer. The radiator is only $145 thru Service Honda.......

ya i thought that was high it was from motoworld of el cajon. i think im going to try a radiator shop i think on monday

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