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IMS 4gal install questions

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Mods: After searching more (and better) I found the info I was looking for. Please delete. :lol:

I just got my IMS tank and am trying to get it installed on my DRZ-S. I'm having petcock issues. Hopefully somebody has been through this before.

First - my OEM petcock bolts seem to work fine, any reason not to use those? There is also some sort of 1/2" +/- spacer between the petcock and tank. Should I use it or does it even matter?

Second - The IMS tank has two holes for the petcock fuel inlet tubes. The problem is the filter on the inlet tube does not fit through the hole. I could drill it out to fit (but I'm scared I'll do something I that can't be undone). I can also remove the filter and put an inline filter in the hose. But my concern is that the inlet tube filter may serve another purpose - to catch and retain fuel near the inlet tube. With just the tube, I'm worried I may have issues getting enough fuel to the carb. Did anybody run into this?

I do have a WR450 petcock on order but it won't be here for awhile. And I want my new toy NOW NOW NOW.

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