'99 TTR-250 Battery Issues...

Hey I'm relatively new to the mechanics and such of motorcycles, and I'm having some issues with my bike, it wont start. Now I think what happened is I was messing around with the fuel screw on my bike one day (this is when it would start...) and I cranked it way out in a futile attempt to get the bike to fire up instantly with no throttle work. I later came to the realization this was a horrible and stupid mistake, feel free to flame me. I'm still learning. Ha. :lol:

So anyways, since my bike was still warm at the time of my idiotic tests it was firing up no problem, however I let it sit for a good 5 days after that with the fuel screw still cranked out, so I go to start my bike and hit the starter and I couldn't get it to start, I tried again and again, maybe about 20-30 times, and it just wouldn't fire up. Then the started began to sound weaker and weaker, I think the battery was dieing real bad. So I pushed my bike home to my house around the block. This was real lame. During that entire torture sesion I failed to remember my previous f**king about with the fuel screw on the carb. I have since turned it back to a presumed normal setting (I read it's supposed to between 1 1/2 to 2 turns out)

So I've got an assumed dead battery. I left the bike sitting for most of winter and just started trying to get er going the other day, my buddy brought over a battery jumping thing and we took my battery out and put the jumpers to the - and + contacts for the bike, and I tried the started, it sounded like it was trying to start good. Good news, not, after I tried it twice, and then pulled the choke out etc, the third time I did tried to start there was a short buzz noise (which we think was the battery shorting cause the clamp may have touched the frame), and then only a clicking noise after that. Click. Click. If I held the started long enough it wud click sometimes twice. Then I put my battery on charge for like 4 hours and it was still only at 2 amps when i tried again and still just that dam clicking noise. Is it possible that buzz was my electrical system frying or just shorting the big charger thing (motomaster portable). Could anyone please share any insight they may have with me Thanks

Update, I think the clicking may be coming from the Starter Relay. When I hooked up my charger to directly to the +/- contacts for the battery, I still got the clicking noise, im not sure if this was a bad idea or not, buddy told me it wasnt too healthy for my charger, but i want this thing to run!

Anyway, so my battery charger has too options, "6 amp" and "2 amp Trickle". When I try to charge my battery both settings give a readout of a mere 1amp on the Ammeter (I'm assuming that is what that little gauge on my charger that says amps on it). Shouldnt it be going at 6 or?

I mean I had it on 2amps all night and in the morning the Ammeter on the charger read 0. So could this mean my Battery is shot, or that my charger (new) is not doing it's job?

Anybody with any clue at all what my problems could be please help me :worthy::lol:

Have you checked to make sure that nothing is wrong with ur starter. You probably fried the thing cranking it over 30 times that one day. I would put the battery in and bump start ur bike and see if the alternater charges your battery or something.

dont rely on the amp gauge on the battery charger. car batteries put out about 400 amps and the gauge still wont go above 2. i dont really know why they work that way. the clicking is because your battery is dead or your connections weren't good enough. do what schmitty said. put the battery in and have a friend push you in first with the clutch in then let it out when you get some speed and it should fire. let it run for awhile and you should be good to go.

If you drained the battery and then let it sit dead for the winter you probably killed it.

I think I'd hook it up to jumper cables to a car battery and see if it would turn over. A 2 amp charger on a battery with a dead cell (or direct short) isn't going to turn it over. 2 amps just isn't enough.

I wouldn't want to be the guy to try push starting a cold 4 stroke with a mis-adjusted carb. Heck, I wouldn't wish that on anyone else either. :p

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