530 exc guide wear

I have some wear on my new 530. Is this normal. The chain was pretty dry. All road use, no offroad.


i removed that chain guard first thing.

i removed that chain guard first thing.

yup, you need to pitch it


what is the reason to remove it? just curious as I still have mine on, and it doesn't seem to be harming anything... and has very little wear. If you take it off, do you replace it with something else?


FWIW. I read something from one of the Factory KTM riders, I want to say David Knight but cant say for sure. He said that you should not take it off. The logic was that it keeps the mud from the tire from falling down on the chain etc. Longer chain life , less dirt / junk going through the chain guides and counter sprocket area etc. I cant remember why they take it off to race but he made a specific comment on leaving it on for the non racers and enduro guys. To me makes sense why take it off anyhow? This is all just hearsay so take with grain of salt but makes sense to me.

To answer your question that wear is normal. Mine looks just like it.

Once it is all the way through I probably wont replace it unless I run super moto wheels, to help prevent chain rub on tire.

The chain guard is required for DOT compliance. The non-DOT models do not have them.


I still have mine on with 5500km and 140hrs. It looks better than that one. Some ware on the inside edge but none on the outside like that one. I have already changed my chain & Sprockets at around 3500km. Maybe the chain is stuffed

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