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kx85 + kx80 big wheel????

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ok guys I've searched & not exactly sure what to do here,tryin to get somethin for my g/f so she can ride with me, I have a 93' KX80 big wheel bike that I bought for her in pieces, it needs the top end rebuilt, (supposed to have a newer bottom end & has a hot rods crank in it) & needs exhaust, & lots of odds & ends pieces, but I'm looking at a 01' kx85 thinkin I can buy the 85 for less $ than what it's gna cost to finish the 80, but I was wondering if I should keep the big wheel for parts in case the 85 is a little small for her, will the big wheel swingarm & wheels fit the 85??? I'm thinkin the 80 swingarm should be the same length as the later 100's right??? also I'm at about $700 into the 80 so far in buying a new carb, some plastics, engine mounts, air filter/cage, wheel bearings, brakes, kickstarter, shifter, & some other odds & ends, but it's lookin like I'll have as much $ in parts & finishing the 80 as what I can pick up this used 85 for, what do you guys think is the best route to take???? thanks alot, Dusty

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