530 exc mystery part?

I was replacing my countershaft sprocket and removed the chain guide. This part fell off the bike and I can't figure out where it goes.


I just took that off my bike. It hold the emissions crap on. If you feel on the backside of the frame, right above the chain, that's where it goes. I can't see how it would fall off, but while your at it, I would remove all the emissions hoses that it was propping up.

This piece.


cool, I already took off the emissions stuff, so it must have been hanging out waiting to be removed

I mounted my horn there with that mount. I hated having it in front of the radiator. I had a friend come over and we bet a 6 pack he wouln't be able to find the fan. He gave up after 10 min. MMMMMmmmmmmm, six pack of Guiness please. It is actually quite loud there too.

That's where I'm putting my horn, a good concealed location. Nice! I took it off a few months ago because I didn't like it in front of the rad...

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